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Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe will be an excellent ALA President!  Her demonstrated leadership, innovative and strategic thinking, and advocacy skills will serve all types of libraries.  Lisa gets my enthusiastic vote! – Deb Gilchrist, Vice President, Learning and Student Success, Pierce College District, Washington

There is a wealth of experience and strength among the slate of candidates who are running for President of the American Library Association this year, and I know that ALA will be in good hands no matter who wins. However, I want to let you all know why I plan to vote for Lisa Hinchliffe.

During her time as the president of ACRL, she implemented policies and started projects that have had lasting impacts not just on our professional associations but also on the day to day work of academic libraries. During her time in that office, she helped launch the Value of Academic Libraries Initiative which continues to help libraries at academic institutions prove their worth and contributions to their communities. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I’ve referenced this project in conversations with upper level administrators at my previous library and at my current institution. Those of us at smaller schools rarely have the time to conduct large scale assessment projects that show the depth and breadth of the library’s impact, so having a resource like the Value of Academic Libraries Initiative has been beyond helpful.

Lisa’s past contributions to our profession (her time as President of ACRL is only one of her past contributions) let me know that she will accomplish great things as the president of ALA. If you have a moment, her candidate statement is a helpful read, but above and beyond everything else I admire her drive to build community and hospitality. She has experience working in and with a broad spectrum of libraries and populations, and she has a clear vision for the future of our associations. Lisa Hinchliffe will be good for our profession and our field, and that’s why I’m voting for her.

Thank you for taking time to read this.

— Jessica Olin, Library Director, Wesley College

Voting for @lisalibrarian for ALA President and you should too #lisa4ala – @MagpieLibrarian 

Definitely voting @lisalibrarian for ALA president! I’ve gotten nothing but positive impressions at conferences & workshops. #lisa4alaprez. – Ginger Williams ()

“I am happy to have the chance to support Lisa for ALA President. She has been a dynamic and open president of ACRL and I know she will do a great job as the next ALA President.” – Duncan Stewart, 2015 President, Iowa Library Association and Cataloging Librarian, Cataloging and Metadata Unit, University of Iowa Libraries

“Love the ideas that @lisalibrarian has for leading @ALALibrary I think she’d be a great president #alamw16” – Todd Carpenter, Executive Director, NISO

“Library friends – when ALA elections are upon us and it’s time to cast your vote, please strongly consider casting in this direction. In professional terms, her credentials speak for themselves (https://lisahinchliffe.com/). In personal terms, Lisa was my mentor (matched through ALA) while I was in grad school, and always made time to meet with me when the UIUC GSLIS LEEP program called us to campus. In addition, she’s answered countless questions over the years (even though the mentoring program officially ended in 2007) despite what I can only imagine is an insanely busy schedule. Vote Lisa for ALA President. You’ll be glad you did.” – Nancy Kirkpatrick, Associate Director & Manager, Member Services, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services (MCLS)

“I support Lisa for ALA President because of her unwavering commitment to inclusion and accessibility. Lisa has always been an advocate for including less represented voices in integral conversations within the profession, which is something that I believe our national organization needs now more than ever. Her commitment to LIS students and fostering new leadership (and thus new and exciting approaches and ideas) within librarianship is unmatched. Lisa has gone beyond simply supervising graduate assistants and interns. She is a true mentor who supports and encourages the students she works with long after graduation. She has shaped my professional practice and given me an incredible example of leadership and vision to aspire to. In addition to her years of service within ACRL and ALA, Lisa’s extensive and varied experience with strategic planning, advocating, leading, and educating makes her the perfect candidate.” – Sarah Crissinger, Information Literacy Librarian, Davidson College

“I am truly excited about Lisa’s candidacy for ALA President! I’ve known Lisa for my entire professional career and during that time she has been an inspiration to me and so very many other librarians. Her tireless efforts to bring information literacy to the forefront of the academic dialog on critical thinking has been key for so much of our successful work in K-16 classrooms. She continues to be a leader on these fronts internationally, and has committed herself to the work of identifying, setting, and sustaining professional standards across all types of libraries. I am honored to have benefited from her work and to support her in her continued leadership in ALA.” – Alexis Macklin, Associate Dean, University Libraries, University of Colorado Boulder

“When I found out Lisa Hinchliffe was running for ALA President, I was genuinely super-excited. I’ve known her for many years to be a fully-dedicated library professional and brilliant academic thinker who truly cares about the improvement of our profession for both ourselves and the communities we serve. I share her vision of the future and am 100% certain that should Lisa be elected she will work tirelessly and strategically to realize both positive and impactful change in our association.” – Jason LeDuc, Director, Dothan Houston County Library System, Alabama

“I am eager to support Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe’s candidacy for ALA president. As a graduate student I was very fortunate to work with Lisa; she has had a lasting impact on my career and life. Lisa is an advocate for all librarians and has a tenacious spirit that drives her commitment to advancing not just our day-to-day work but our profession as a whole.” – Emma Clausen, Reference/Instruction Librarian & Liaison, Arts and Humanities Division, Pierce College Fort Steilacoom, Lakewood, Washington

“I am so excited that Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe is a candidate for ALA president. I have tremendous respect for her commitment to libraries and librarians. Lisa has been a great influence on my career.” – Leslie Warren, Dean, Academic Information Services, Northern Michigan University

I’m going to join ALA just so I can vote for . – Lane Wilkinson, Head of Library Instruction, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga