Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe

Raising Critical Issues in a Technology Space: 2017 E-Content Columns

I chose as my guiding mantra “to engage deep questions about what our content and technologies are for and not just that we have them” and I articulated three specific goals:

  1. to bring a critical lens to the discussions of how technology is shaping libraries, content, and users;
  2. to amplify the work of practitioners and researchers who were engaging with these questions theoretically and pragmatically; and,
  3. to contribute to improving the diversity of the authorship profile of our field.

As I reflect upon the six columns that I edited, I feel confident that I met these goals. I am proud of the topics that authors engaged, their thoughtful reflections, and the conversations that their work created. And, for many reasons but especially because I know how vulnerable it can feel to submit a draft and await feedback, I want to thank them for trusting me to edit their work. It was truly an delight to work with each person over the past year.

I also want to acknowledge Teddy Diggs, Publisher/Editor of EDUCAUSE Review, for her support and assistance. Most editorial work is unseen but it should never be underappreciated. Her guidance was invaluable.

Here are the six columns: